Good Times - Great Harmony
Take Love Easy

The first song I ever heard by The Hi-Lo's was "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" on 1160 WAMB circa 1992. Needless to say, I was hooked.

Having been born in the latter part of 1969, I missed the golden era of The Hi-Lo's. I missed the quaint, cozy club shows. I missed the grand, hall performances. I missed the many wonderful, sometimes comedic, television appearances. Despite all of this, I came to regard the gentlemen as "family" for their music had become a wonderful part of my life.

When I started this fan website for the world's greatest vocal group 14 years ago, I never imagined the fantastic journey that awaited me. It was quite a thrill to correspond with Gene Puerling, Clark Burroughs, Don Shelton, and Milt Chapman. Memories were also shared by the guys' family members, friends, and school mates from long ago.

Fans stopped by and recalled the thrill of hearing the Hi-Lo's for the first time. Some even got to see the group when they first started. There were, at times, unbelievable outpourings of kindness and generosity in the form of letters and gifts - all of which I still have.

However, the time has come to step away from, and retire, the website. The last 14 years have been a good run, much better than I could have ever anticipated. It is owed to the enduring music of the Hi-Lo's and the group's fans.

I plan to have an archive available for download - maybe closer to February. You can continue to contact me at thehilos54 (at)

Most sincerely,

It would be impossible to list everyone who contributed to the website, so I apologize in advance if your name is omitted below.

Gene Puerling
Clark Burroughs
Don Shelton
Clare Fischer
Milt Chapman

Leif Åkesson
Simon Åkesson
Jim Bridges
Lincoln Briney
Bob Carter
James Clayton
Jean-Baptiste Craipeau
Eric Dalbey
Marc Goldfeder
Ray Gurley
Lou Estermyer
Frank Jellison
Elliott Kendall
Kristian Linderman
Hugh Petfield
Dan Russell
Dan Sawyer
Scott Silbert (Arranger - U.S. Navy Band)
Edward Smith
Paul Tate
...many, many, more!